20Q Harry Potter

October 11, 2012

Hold onto your Nimbus 2000! The popular, mind reading 20 Questions electronic game from Radica now allows you to square off on all things Harry Potter. You’ll score major house points if you can outsmart the artificial intelligence gizmo on people, places, and things from all seven of the Harry Potter books. Simply think of something related to the wizard’s world and then give honest answers to 20 questions that the game asks. Answering “yes,” “no,” “unknown,” or “sometimes” to each question prompts another query or a guess by the device. If you choose an obscure enough person, place, or item, you just might beat the game.

Designed to look like a golden snitch, the round game has a built-in light for indoor or nighttime play, a trans-reflective screen for easy-to-read question taking, and is lightweight and portable so you can play anywhere. It even has removable “wings” that you can put on the device when it’s resting on its included display stand. So if you think you can score Outstanding (or even Exceeds Expectations) on your OWLs in topics ranging from Hogwarts School to Hogsmeade Station and from the International Quidditch Cup to the Ministry of Magic and more, then put on your Sorting Hat and pick it up. Requires 2 “AAA” batteries, included. Measures 7.68″ x 2.95″ x 10.35″.

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