IT – My Book Review

November 6, 2005
IT - My Book Review

I read this book when I was 12 years old. I loved this book so much and I remembered the clown ever since. The scene I remembered the most was when little Georgie was sailing his paper boat down the street. The boat goes down the sewer and the clown is down there with the boat. I had nightmares over that ever since.

What really got to me was that the heroes of this book were children. None of the adults knew what was happening so it really felt like how I felt when I was a child. I was always scared of the dark after reading this novel. It also showed bullies which at my age was something I had to deal with. I didn’t have any bad bullies like in this book but it made me feel for the characters. This is one of my favorite books I read when I was young. I recommend it to anyone who loves horror.

The relationships of all the kids are terrific. I really felt I was watching them while I was reading. If you only seen the movie I recommend you read the book also!!

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